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We understand what customers care about when they decide to move cargos by air freight, we keep close tracking for each progress till safety arrive at destination airport.
Our close partners distributed in every airport such as CZ,CA,CX, MU,HU,ET,TK,EK,QR,AA,AM,SQ,TG,etc.

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China air freight services, your best international logistics partner

China air freight began in 1927. air freight is a transportation method that use airplane as a means of transportation for goods under the conditions of air routes and airports, and is an important component of modern logistics.

Air freight services, with speed, safety, and punctuality, has won a considerable market share and greatly shortened delivery times. With the characteristics of fast and maneuverability, it is an indispensable way to transport valuable items, fresh goods, and precision instruments in international trade. China air freight has advantages such as fast speed, high safety, and strong timeliness. Especially in terms of high timeliness requirements for goods and cross-border transportation, the advantages are more obvious.

air freight services

1.Eight elements of China air freight inquiry:

①. Product name (whether it is a hazardous material)

②. Weight (involving charges), volume (size and whether it is packaged)

③. Packaging (whether in wooden boxes or pallets)

④. Destination airport (basic point or not)

⑤. Request time (direct or transfer flight)

⑥. Required flights (service and price differences among flights)

⑦. Type of bill of lading (main and sub orders)

⑧. Required transportation services (customs declaration method, handling of documents on behalf of others, whether customs clearance and delivery are required, etc.)

2.China air freight billing method:

Air freight is divided into heavy cargo and foam cargo. Compare the volume weight of 167KG with the actual weight, and charge according to which one is larger

Air freight services provided by Honza Logistics:

We have reached strategic cooperation with multiple domestic and foreign airlines to provide international air freight services.

1.We can transport goods with batteries and magnetism: On most routes, we can accept built-in lithium batteries and magnetic cargo, and provide customized solutions. (Except for dangerous goods/hazardous chemicals, the actual transported goods shall prevail)

2. Can accept cosmetics, paste, beverages, and liquid goods.

3. A global air transportation network: With years of experience in charter flight operations and 60 branches and 335 stations in 37 countries, we provide you with a global air freight service network.

4.:Diversified transportation options: We have good cooperative relationships with multiple airlines around the world, providing you with logistics options for multiple routes and airlines.

5. Recommended route: China –Southeast Asia, China– Europe, China– USA, China –Middle East, China– Africa, China –Japan and South Korea, etc.

If you have related air freight logistics needs, please feel free to consult us to learn more, we are always ready to provide you with the best quality air freight services

If you have any industry doubts or cooperation intentions, please feel free to consult and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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