China --Europe Truck Express Deliver

China-Europe Truck Express Deliver is a transportation method that has emerged in recent years. It uses large container trucks as a transportation tool and relies on the intercontinental highway network to build truck freight transportation. It gathers the goods of e-commerce sellers in China in warehouses in Shanghai, Yiwu and Shenzhen, and then the goods will be arranged together for customs declaration and export, after completing customs clearance and tax payment in Belgium, it can be transported to buyers in 25 countries in Europe. China-Europe Truck Express Deliver is another transportation mode after air transportation, sea transportation and railway transportation. At present, the transit time for transportation from Shenzhen to Europe is about 15-25 days, which is second only to express delivery and air transport, and is very popular among cross-border e-commerce sellers!


The route of China –Europe Truck Express Deliver:

Generally, it loads containers in China (logistics and transportation centers such as Shanghai, Yiwu, Shenzhen), and leaves Xinjiang, passing through Horgos , Alashan, and Baktu. Arrived in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany,the Czech Republic, Hungary,and then clear customs in Belgium and they will be picked up by UPS in Germany,sent to other EU countries.


The advantage of China-Europe Truck Express Deliver:

1.Compared with air freight, China-Europe Truck Express Deliverhas a lower transportation cost, which is about 50% of air freight; compared with sea and rail freight, China-Europe Truck Express Deliverhas faster timeliness.
2.The storage space is not limited, and many trucks can be mobilized. Truck Express Deliverhas sufficient space, so there is no need to worry about rowing.
3.Automobile transportation is more flexible, all roads lead to Rome, no traffic jams.
4.The delivery speed is fast, one truckfor one container, ready to go when it is full, the truckcan be dispatched every day, and it does not take too long to collect goods.

Freight Truck Shipping

An important part of international transportation services

In the modern globalized business environment, international transportation services play a vital role.China-Europe Freight truck shipping is actually truck shipping, a mode of transportation that uses large trucks as a whole to load and deliver goods from China to Europe. It is another mode of transportation after air transportation, sea transportation and rail transportation. It is also called the fourth logistics channel. Compared to air freight, the price is much lower. Compared with sea transportation, the timeliness is much faster and more stable. Compared with rail transportation, the timeliness is faster. This article will explore the importance of freight trucking shipping in international transportation services and describe its benefits and applications.

Freight truck shipping routes

China-Europe truck transportation route: from container loading in Shenzhen – customs clearance in Xinjiang – passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus – customs clearance in Hungary or Belgium – delivery to more than 20 countries in Europe, with an overall delivery time of 15-25 days.

Freight truck shipping advantages

Truck transportation has many advantages. It is a door-to-door transportation with extremely high flexibility thanks to the modern road transportation network.

Freight trucking provides fast and reliable cargo transportation services for international trade. In international logistics, freight trucks can flexibly respond to various road conditions and regional restrictions to ensure that goods can reach their destination in time. Whether you are delivering goods across country borders or within the country, cargo trucks provide efficient transportation solutions. Therefore, freight trucking has become an integral part of international trade.

Freight truck shipping has a wide range of goods, and many goods that cannot be picked up by railways and air transport can be transported by TF trucks. Depending on the cargo and cargo volume, the truck can not only support full truckload shipping but also LTL bulk cargo. It is also very friendly for e-commerce goods to be billed by pallet and kilogram.

Honza International Logistics Co., Ltd has launched full truckload shipping and LTL transportation services from China to Europe, which can undertake general cargo, e-commerce bulk cargo, sensitive cargo and fresh cold chain cargo. According to different origins and destinations, we optimize routes and prioritize loading. We can also combine sea transportation, river transportation, railway and other transportation modes to implement multimodal transportation. 

Freight truck shipping is fast and good, so the price is naturally relatively high, but it is still more than 70% cheaper than air freight.

However, cargo trucking also faces some challenges and problems in international transportation services. First, international freight trucking requires dealing with regulations and transportation requirements in different countries and regions. This requires logistics companies to have extensive experience and expertise to ensure that goods can smoothly pass various inspection and approval procedures. Secondly, international freight trucking also needs to deal with issues such as cross-border traffic congestion and border delays, which may affect the delivery time and transportation efficiency of goods.

Some knowledge points about Freight truck shipping

LCL absorbs the advantages of domestic road less-than-truckload transportation and air freight, and is very different from vehicle transportation.

First of all, LCL is charged based on kilogram, volume or standard pallet.

Secondly, LCL is often the general cargo of e-commerce, which is basically bigger volume goods. The carrier prefers heavy goods. The freight value of the whole vehicle will be higher after the heavy bubbles are used.

LCL does not accept some powders, liquids, pure electricity, imitation goods, etc., which may cause danger in transit.

freight truck shipping
freight truck shipping


To sum up, freight trucking shipping plays an important role in international transportation services. It provides fast and reliable cargo transportation solutions for international trade. The above is the entire content of the China-European freight truck shipping introduction in this issue. If you want to know more about cross-border logistics and transportation, please pay attention to Honza International Logistics Co., Ltd. Honza makes cross-border e-commerce logistics easier.

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