We have 2000㎡ warehouse facility in major ports of China,Shenzhen、Guangzhou 、Shanghai 、Ningbo、 Xiamen 、Tianjin 、Qingdao. if you purchased products from various suppliers but want ship in one time, we can gather cargos in our warehouse and ship together to you.Meantime, we can change label and package for cross trade customers.


Why choose our honza logistics warehousing logistics services?

With the rapid development of the global economy, the demand for cross-border trade and logistics is constantly increasing. International logistics channels are becoming increasingly important, involving various forms such as sea, air, and land transportation. At the same time, many warehousing services have emerged, as customers import from China. In addition to many large buyer customers, there are also individual small seller customers. At this time, warehousing services have emerged, greatly saving a lot of logistics costs. So what are the warehousing services?So please learn about the honza logistics company from our article.

What warehousing services and warehousing logistics services do we have?

1、 within China warehousing services

Honza International Logistics Co., Ltd., as a professional international transportation and logistics company, has 10 years of logistics and transportation experience. At the same time, we also provide warehousing services. We not only have our own warehouse in Shenzhen, but also provide warehousing services at various ports across the country. We can gather cargo from your different suppliers and ultimately transport the goods together to customers.

2. Overseas warehousing services and warehousing logistics services

Of course, in addition to providing these services domestically, we also have many foreign partners who provide warehousing services abroad. Goods can be transported to ports or airports, and then picked up in our overseas warehouses, waiting for the back-end express delivery to pick up the goods and start arranging transportation. Of course, if our customers want to go to the warehouse to pick up the goods, it’s also possible!

Why choose our honza logistics warehousing logistics services?

1、 Convenient for customers to collect goods

Why do our customers choose our warehousing and logistics services? Of course, it’s because of our warehouse. When customers import a lot of goods from multiple suppliers, warehousing and logistics services are needed. We not only have our own warehouse in Shenzhen, but also have warehousing and logistics services in many places. Therefore, we can help our customers collect goods and send them together to our customers~

2、 Preferential warehousing services and warehousing logistics services prices

Why do many customers choose our company? Because not only can we provide warehousing and warehousing logistics services, but our warehousing services are also very favorable. We can provide 7 days of free warehousing, and after 7 days, our warehousing fees will also be very favorable.

If you are interested in our warehousing services and warehousing logistics services, please feel free to visit our website at any time. You can learn more about our company’s warehousing services~

If you have any industry doubts or cooperation intentions, please feel free to consult and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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