China-Europe Railway: It is a special railway line from China to Europe. It is an international railway intermodal train between China and Europe and countries along the Belt and Road. The scope of transportation includes the entire territory of the European Union, Russia, Belarus and Central Asian countries. Through the close cooperation between China Railway Express and the operating company, we can develop door-to-door logistics transportation solutions for customers all over the country by integrating domestic high-quality logistics resources.


The distribution of the three China Railway Express routes:

1.The western channel exits from the central and western parts of Chinavia Alashankou (Horgos),

2.The central channel departs from the North China region of Chinavia Erenhot,

3.The eastern channel departs from Northeast China via Manzhouli (Suifenriver)


Advantages of China-Europe Railway:

1.Self-owned VAT customs clearance, accepting FCL and LCL business.

2.Supports various products to be shipped, likeelectrification and matching, safe and fast.

3.The timeliness is stable, the price is stable, the transportation time is better than sea transportation, and the price is only one-third of the air transportation.

4.Support nationwide door-to-door service,door-to-door delivery service throughout Europe, DDU/DDP service.

Efficient freight services-China Europe Freight Train

Honza International Logistics Company is a professional logistics service provider that proudly provides efficient rail transportation services to foreign customers. Through transportation methods such as China Railway Express and China-Europe freight trains, Honza has become an important bridge connecting China and foreign countries, providing customers with reliable rail transportation solutions.

What is China Europe freight train?

The so-called china railway express are international railway intermodal transport trains such as containers that rely on the Eurasian Continental Bridge and operate according to fixed train numbers, routes, and schedules, and run between China and Europe and relevant countries along the “Belt and Road”. In various fields of business cooperation, with the development of business, Honza has integrated various transportation modes such as sea transportation, air transportation, railway, and highway to realize multi-modal transportation supply chain solutions with synchronized modules.

China Europe Freight train have obvious advantages

Taking into account freight costs and delivery time, rail transportation has become the most economical option among the four traditional transportation modes. At present, railway transportation has become one of the normal logistics solutions and is a reliable transportation option in addition to sea transportation and air transportation. Honza International Logistics Company provides reliable and efficient rail freight services to foreign customers and has become the first choice of many enterprises when transporting goods quickly and cost-effectively.

china railway express

Economical and environmentally friendly

The timeliness of railway is superior to that of sea freight, and the price is also more advantageous than air freight. For those goods with short product cycles and fast delivery, rail transportation is a good choice. When air freight prices are too high, lower-margin goods may be unaffordable, while rail transportation can effectively reduce transportation costs.

From the perspective of environmental protection, railway is a very low-carbon freight mode, and railway transportation is also the best choice for freight transportation between China and Europe.

We are committed to providing customers with environmentally friendly solutions. Railway is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of freight transportation. Rail freight service has actually reduced a large amount of direct carbon emissions. As shown in the figure below, the carbon dioxide emissions of different modes of transportation are compared

Customized service

Honza International Logistics’ rail transport services are widely recognized for their reliability and efficiency. Through dedicated lines, simplified customs procedures and advanced tracking systems, Honza can provide foreign customers with full visibility and control of transportation solutions. This transparency and reliability brings confidence to customers while strengthening trade relationships between China and foreign countries.


As a professional logistics service provider, Honza International Logistics Company is committed to providing efficient railway transportation services to foreign customers. Whether it is China Railway Express or China Europe freight trains, Honza can provide reliable transportation solutions to meet customer needs.

china railway express

Rail freight service: FCL, LCL, DDP services

The channel is characterized by safety and speed, and the recipient must complete formal customs clearance and pay taxes. At present, the fastest timeliness can reach about 15 days. We can provide single container transportation/package services, door-to-door transportation, cross-border multimodal transportation, and customs clearance services, which are suitable for large-volume cargo transportation with low cost. Welcome to


By choosing Honza International Logistics’ rail freight services, customers can enjoy a fast, reliable and cost-effective transportation experience. Please contact Honza International Logistics to learn more about rail freight services and experience high-quality logistics solutions. No matter where your goods are destined, Honza will wholeheartedly provide you with excellent service and ensure that your goods arrive safely and orderly.

If you have any industry doubts or cooperation intentions, please feel free to consult and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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