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FCL Service(20GP,40GP,40HQ, 45HQ)
Open Top, Flat Rack, Refrigerated
LCL Service(Consolidate cargos from different suppliers)



FCL service
We have good relationship with our partners MSK,HPL,CMA,MSC,ONE,COSCO,PIL,HMM,OOCL,APL,EMC. We can guarantee enough space in high peak season with competitive price.

LCL service
This service can meet customers who purchase goods from different suppliers but have less than one container and want to save freight costs.

Loading port in China


Honza Logistics:Your Best Sea Freight Logistics Partner

Sea freight services are specialized in providing services such as maritime import and export of goods, consulting and formulating sea freight logisticsplans, including third-party logistics services, loading and unloading of goods on board ships, booking of space, warehousing, distribution and short distance transportation, container dismantling, customs clearance, inspection and fumigation agency, cargo insurance, etc

Advantages of sea freight services

1、 Economically: Cheap shipping costs: The sea freight logistics industry provides shippers with the most competitive shipping costs, especially for long-distance transportation. In contrast, the transportation cost of sea freight is usually 4 to 6 times lower than that of air freight. Under low shipping costs, sea freight is the most economical international shipping option.

2、 Efficiency: Both large and small goods can be achieved. Regardless of the size of the goods being transported, sea freight can meet basic transportation needs. Smaller goods can be combined with other goods to fill containers, thereby achieving cost sharing of transportation services. Larger cargo can be filled into one or more containers, providing shippers with the option of bulk or full packaging.

3、 Carrying capacity: oversized, heavy, and bulky cargo. The main advantage of sea transportation is its ability to handle oversized, heavy, or bulky cargo – commonly referred to as bulk or other cargo, including large vehicles, equipment, construction materials, etc. For container shipping, very large cargoes are not a problem at all.


Related categories of sea freight logistics you need to know

parcel courier service
parcel courier service

FCL (Full Container Load)

FCL means “full container load”, commonly known as “full container” or “full container cargo”. Full container cargo, as opposed to LCL cargo, refers to a large shipment of goods that can fill one or more full containers. In maritime container transportation, the most common container specifications are 20GP (commonly known as a 20 foot container), 40GP (commonly known as a 40 foot container), and 40HQ (commonly known as a 40 foot high container).

LCL (Less than container load)

LCL full container refers to a small shipment of goods shipped by the shipper that is less than the full container. This type of goods is usually collected by the carrier separately and concentrated at the container freight station or inland station, and then two or more batches of goods are assembled into one container, which also needs to be unpacked and delivered separately at the destination container freight station or inland station.

Honza Logistics can provide the following sea freight services:

  1. Shipping goods by sea: we can provide customers FCL transportation, LCL transportation, and other services, helping customers complete the stages of shipping, packing, customs declaration, and shipping schedule tracking.
  2. Booking Services: we can provide booking services for customers, select suitable shipping schedules, routes, and shipping companies, and assist customers in completing booking procedures.
  3. Customs declaration and customs clearance service: We can assist customers to complete customs declaration and clearance procedures such as making customs declaration, paying taxes, handling customs inspection, release, picking up goods, and delivering.
  4. Insurance Services: we can provide cargo transportation insurance services for customers, providing full protection for their goods and ensuring the safety of goods during sea transportation.
  5. Warehousing Services: we can provide customers with goods warehousing services, helping them achieve short-term or long-term storage of goods, as well as sorting, distribution, and packaging services for goods.
  6. Logistics solution design: we can provide logistics solution design services to customers, and provide the best logistics and transportation solutions according to their needs and actual situations.

Why choose Honza Logistics sea freight service?

Hongze International Logistics has been engaged in ocean freight services for more than 10 years. We have rich experience in global sea freight services FCL transportation and have served more than 100,000 customers around the world. As a China shipping agent service provider in China, we insist on providing high-quality sea freight logistics services at competitive prices. We have our own branches in 11 ports in China, and can provide customers with FCL at any port in China , LCL, DDP services. We are also a China shipping agent certified by Alibaba International Station, with a four-star store, and have received a lot of praise from customers around the world.

If you are looking for a suitable China shipping agent supplier, you might as well contact us today to provide you with the best sea freight services and sea freight logistics solutions.

If you have any industry doubts or cooperation intentions, please feel free to consult and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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