Door to door service

This service is specially designed for e-commerce customers who don’t have import clearance capability, we do full service for them from pick up till clearance and delivery, our customers just waiting their cargos at their office,let customers have a relaxed and happy shopping experience.

Our special line are Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Dubai,United Kingdom

Door to door service_

What you need to know about door to door cargo service

Definition and advantages of door-to-door cargo service

Door-to-door cargo service means that the whole process of transportation and delivery of goods starts and ends at the door agreed with the customer, including pick-up, transportation, delivery and other links. Compared with traditional logistics services, shipping door to door distribution have many advantages, such as avoiding the risk of loss of fragile goods or valuable items in the process of traditional logistics services, and improving the transportation safety factor.

Process and implementation of door-to-door cargo service

The process of door-to-door cargo service mainly includes such links as placing an order, picking up goods, transporting, and delivering. In specific implementation, shipping door to door distribution can be provided in a variety of ways, such as logistics companies independently carrying out door-to-door cargo services, and third-party logistics platforms providing door-to-door cargo services.

The applicable scope and service type of door-to-door cargo service

Door-to-door cargo services are suitable for the transportation and distribution of goods in various fields, such as e-commerce packages, large furniture, fragile goods, etc. According to different service objects and transportation items, shipping door to door distribution can be subdivided into different service types such as low-temperature logistics, pharmaceutical logistics, food distribution, and general cargo distribution.

Cost and value analysis of door-to-door cargo service

Compared with traditional logistics services, the cost of door-to-door cargo services will increase slightly, but its increased value is also more obvious, including the safety of goods during transportation and the stability of delivery time. Due to the faster and faster social development, door-to-door logistics has become an inevitable customer demand. In the long run, the value brought by door-to-door cargo services is far higher than its cost.

Future trends and development of door-to-door cargo services

In the future, as consumer demands continue to change, the scope and methods of shipping door to door distribution will also become more diverse and intelligent. At the same time, the innovation of new technologies and new models will also promote the further development of shipping door to door distribution, such as drone delivery, artificial intelligence-assisted dispatching and delivery, etc.

To sum up, door-to-door cargo services occupy an extremely important position in modern logistics methods. With the development of the times, its superiority will gradually become prominent. It has far-reaching implications for improving customer satisfaction and promoting the development of the logistics field. significance.

As an authoritative international logistics provider with more than 20 years of industry experience, we can provide you with one-stop door-to-door international dedicated line services. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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