Air cargo freight forwarder

What is air cargo freight forwarder?

Air cargo freight forwarder is a service that helps businesses ship goods internationally by air.Freight forwarders take care of all the details,including booking space , arranging for goods collecting and delivery, and handling customs events in the destination country. It is the process of organizing and planning the shipment of freight from one place to another by air.

An air cargo freight forwarder specializes in moving freight by air on specially designed cargo air crafts. This specialization enables them to better understand the intricacies of air freight, create a relationship with the airline company, and, in many cases, provide better air prices. Although air cargo freight forwarders don’t physically move your cargo, they do assist in every aspect and each step during shipment, simplifying the process and taking on the responsibility of communicating between customers and shipping parts that are typically involved.

International ExpressAir cargo transportation &process

Air cargo is often viewed as the fastest and more reliable option when compared to ocean cargo, it is because of the modes of price charging.Ocean cargo costs are based on the volume of cargo , however, air cargo costs are calculated based on the weight of the cargo. Moreover, usually here is minimum order quantities requirements that must be satisfied. Therefore, when it comes to large quantity and heavy shipments such as machines, ocean cargo tends to be the more economical choice.

Conversely, smaller and lighter cargo can be cheaper to send by air cargo. How to choose the most cost-effective mode of transportation for shipping cargo is the key point . It’s essential for air cargo freight forwarder to evaluate the specific needs of shipping cargo to determine the best option.


Responsibility of an air cargo freight forwarder

The shipping cargo must pass through some security tests to ensure they can ship safely on the way. Thus, before the cargo are loaded on the plane and took off to the destination, air cargo freight forwarder need to do something such as checking the value of the goods, the volume, package, time delivery and handling cost of the cargo ,all of these factors must takes into consideration for the chain of shipment.

Air cargo freight forwarders go through a training process learning knowledge of air shipping.

They takes care of each steps during shipping. Therefore, they are considered as being trustworthy and reliable in completing their job for the customers.

Besides, an international air cargo freight forwarder also helps customers to handle freight documents, insurance, customs, and any problem that may be encountered along the way. All these help customer to arrange their cargo faster and easier, customer just wait cargo arrive in the destination after handling cargo to freight forwarder, which simplified the procedure.

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