China-Europe Railway

China-Europe Railway: It is a special railway line from China to Europe, and it is an international railway intermodal train between China and European countries. We have high-quality logistics resources and can formulate door-to-door  transportation service for our customers.

Advantages of China-Europe Railway:

  1. Self-owned VAT customs clearance, fast customs clearance, accepting FCL and LCL services;
  2. Supports a wide range of products to be shipped, live electrification and matching, safe and fast;
  3. The timeliness is stable, the price is stable, the transportation time is better than sea transportation, and the price is only one-third of the air transportation;
  4. Support the delivery of DDU/DDP services throughout Europe.

According to different warehouses, different routes will be arranged for transportation. The following is the distribution of the three routes of China Railway Express:

  1. The western channel exits from the central and western parts of my country via Alashankou (Horgos),
  2. The central channel departs from the North China region of my country via Erenhot,
  3. The eastern channel departs from Northeast China via Manzhouli (Suifenhe)

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