FBA Logistics Service Introduction From Shenzhen to USA

Merchants in the cross-border e-commerce industry circle know that Shenzhen is the incubation base of the national cross-border e-commerce industry, and is developing blowout, mainly based on Amazon e-commerce platforms in USA and Europe, today I will introduce you to the international logistics and transportation services from Shenzhen to the Amazon warehouse in USA:

1.FBA Sea First ClassService from Shenzhen to USA

At present, the international logistics merchants engaged in the first mile transportation of FBA in Shenzhen are mainly gathered around Fuyong in Bao’an District and Bantian in Longgang District. In order to provide faster timeliness for e-commerce sellers on Amazon in USA, logistics service providers usually use Matson from Shanghai Port and ZIM shipping company from Shenzhen Port; There are also some international logistics service providers choose EMC, COSCO, WANHAI shipping company services from Shenzhen port, of course, Matson is currently the most popular shipping company for e-commerce sellers, but Matson’s freight cost is also the most expensive shipping company, according to Matson’s fastest 12-day voyage plus customs clearance and delivery in USA, the fastest time is about 17 days! Last year, the fastest time was about 27 days.

Due to the current serious competition in the international logistics industry, some logistics service providers actually use shipping companies such as ZIM or COSCO under the guise of arranging Matson shipping companies. When there is a delay in the timeliness, it will lie that the customs inspection will fool the customer. There are also service providers who use methods such as increasing volume and increasing billable weight to receive goods at low prices in the market.


2.FBA Air First Class Service from Shenzhen to USA

For some high-value, light and beautiful goods, and e-commerce sellers who urgently need to replenish and enter the warehouse, they will choose to ship to Amazon warehouses in USA by air. At present, for some sensitive goods or goods containing batteries, logistics service providers choose to arrange air freight services from Hong Kong or from South Korea to USA. And some other ordinary carton goods will be arranged to take off from domestic airports such as Xi’an, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing and other airports to Los Angeles in USA! The whole process plus customs clearance and warehouse delivery is about 7 days.


3.FBA International express delivery service from Shenzhen to in USA

Some e-commerce merchants need to rush to replenish goods, or need to send some samples to the Amazon platform to test products, test styles, will choose to use international express services to send goods to USA, just UPS has tax-inclusive services, just to solve the problem of e-commerce sellers for small orders shipped into Amazon warehouse.

At present, the international logistics industry is fiercely competitive, so e-commerce sellers and friends, when choosing a logistics service provider, please do not use low freight as the only criterion for choosing a logistics service provider. Because there are some unscrupulous merchants in the industry at present, in order to attract goods, they will use various low-price strategies, and finally explode or run away, and the victims are our e-commerce sellers. I wish merchants and friends to continue to sell orders, but we must also learn Avoid risks!


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