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International Sea Freight Logistics : Best sea freight service

International sea freight logistics refers to a type of sea freight service that uses ships or other water transportation tools to transport goods through transportation routes. It refers to the trade service where the seller delivers the goods by ship to the buyer of other countries. It is an international commodity trading activity aimed at overcoming the spatial and temporal distance between production and consumption, and moving goods through sea transportation, thus achieving the ultimate goal of international commodity trading.


International sea freight logistics is the main mode of transportation in international trade, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total transportation volume. Many coastal countries prefer to use maritime transportation, which is a frequently used and cost-effective mode of transportation in sea freight services.


International sea freight logistics

sea freight service


International sea freight logistics can be divided into FCL(Full Container Load) sea shipping and LCL(Less Container Load) sea shipping.

  • FCL sea shipping is generally a batch of goods that can fill or almost fill a container, and there is only one buyer’s goods in a container, which are then transported to the destination country through sea freight services.
  • LCL is a process in which each buyer’s goods are in small quantities and cannot be filled into a single container. Therefore, multiple buyers’ goods are consolidated into one container and then transported to the destination country through sea freight services


The advantages of using International sea freight logistics transportation are as follows:

  • Large carrying capacity: capable of handling oversized and heavy goods, such as bulk or non trailer cargo, including vehicles, equipment, construction materials, etc. Its loading capacity is even greater than the carrying capacity of railway transportation vehicles
  • The low shipping cost is one of the reasons why many international customers use it. Using sea freight services can save transportation costs and is the most economical international shipping option
  • Wide transportation range: Sea routes are accessible in all directions and can be transported to different countries. Disadvantages: slow speed, high sailing risks, and inaccurate sailing dates



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