Philippine Airlines cargo, China to Philippines International Airlines cargo Special Line

Honza Logistics has always been committed to providing professional and efficient Philippine airlines cargo from China to domestic and foreign cross-border e-commerce, import and export trade, and e-commerce warehousing enterprises. The company has long-term cooperation with major airlines, gathering high-quality international air transportation resources from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, with air transportation services reaching over 500 airports worldwide.


Philippine airlines cargo delivery areas: 

Manila,Abra,Bataan,Cavite,Kalinga,Laguna,Masbate,Pampanga,Quezon,Sorsogon,Zambales,Palawan,Aklan,Cebu,Iloilo,Negros Oriental,Biliran,Davao,Maguindanao,Zamboanga,Cagayan de Oro

We can provide direct flights from Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Hong Kong to the Philippines, which can arrive within 48 hours after boarding the flight with guaranteed time.


The Philippine airlines cargo service mainly involves the following steps:

1. Booking a flight: First, you need to book a suitable flight. When making a reservation, it is necessary to provide detailed information about the goods, such as the type, weight, size, etc., so that the freight forwarding company can arrange suitable flights.

2. Arrange cargo transportation: After the cargo arrives at the airport, it needs to be transported to the designated loading location. This usually requires the use of pallets, forklifts, and other tools to transport goods from the airport cargo station to the aircraft, and then assisted by the airline’s ground staff for loading.

3. Customs declaration and clearance: According to relevant laws and regulations, all goods entering other countries need to undergo customs declaration and clearance. After the flight arrives in the Philippines, the cargo list needs to be submitted to the local customs for customs clearance. The customs will review the type, value, destination, and other information of the goods, and collect corresponding taxes and fees. The freight forwarding company will handle them together.

4. Delivery of goods: Once the goods are cleared through customs, they can be delivered to the consignee. We will have the local delivery agency deliver the package until it is safely and accurately delivered to the recipient.


Philippine airlines carg

Philippine airlines carg


Honza Logistics provides a series of services for Philippine airlines cargo

This includes door-to-door pickup, cargo warehousing, cargo packaging, flight booking, airport delivery, and customs clearance and delivery in the Philippines.

These services aim to help customers simplify logistics processes, improve logistics efficiency, and ensure that goods arrive safely and on time in the Philippines within the specified time.

Honza Logistics Company usually uses various airlines and flights, such as China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, and Cebu Pacific Airlines, and Philippine Airlines in the Philippines. These companies establish partnerships with these airlines and flights to provide direct flights from China to the Philippines, ensuring that goods can arrive at their destinations quickly and safely.

In addition, Honza Logistics Company also provides other services, such as customs declaration, inspection and quarantine, insurance, etc., to meet the needs of customers. These services aim to help customers better solve logistics problems, improve logistics efficiency, and ensure the safety and reliability of goods during transportation.

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