Why choose international transportation deliver door to door service

With the rapid development of globalization, the demand for people to purchase goods across national borders is increasing day by day, and deliver door to door services are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Domestic transportation is generally called express delivery, which can be door-to-door. In addition, door-to-door services are becoming increasingly popular during international transportation. Below, we will talk about the situation of door-to-door international transportation


Definition of international transportation deliver door to door service

Foreign customers purchase products, place orders, and once the goods are ready, the domestic factory will deliver them to the customer’s freight forwarder’s transportation warehouse. After the goods arrive at the freight forwarder’s transportation warehouse, they will arrange for sea or air transportation to the destination country, and then arrange for delivery according to the local delivery company. The courier will conduct face-to-face transactions with the consignee and deliver the goods to the consignee’s hands, Implement door-to-door service from the factory to the customer’s destination.


Benefits of deliver door to door service

  1. The deliver door to door service ensures the integrity of the package. The courier will personally deliver the package to the doorstep and only sign for it after the recipient has verified it to be correct, thus ensuring the integrity of the package for consumers.
  2. Avoid the occurrence of warehouse rent. With the fast-paced development of the times, many people are busy. After the goods arrive at the airport or port of the destination country, the consignee may not have time to arrange for pick-up, which may result in warehouse rent. Using international logistics to deliver goods to your doorstep would eliminate such concerns. After arriving at the destination port or airport, the goods will be directly sent to the local courier company for delivery. Even if the recipient is not at home, a different time can be negotiated with the courier in advance for delivery.
  3. Save worry and reliable. Deliver door to door service can help customers without import rights or customs clearance capabilities transport goods, without the need for customers to go through other cumbersome processes. After purchasing goods, simply communicate with the freight agent about door-to-door service status. After communication is completed, simply wait for the goods to arrive and sign the receipt.
  4. Lump sum. After communication and confirmation with the transportation agent, the fees can be paid in full without any additional costs. If there are uncontrollable factors, such as temporary changes to the address, the problem can be resolved through communication with a dedicated person in advance.


Deliver door to door

Deliver door to door


International logistics deliver door to door service is a transportation channel that many offline customers want to use. Hongza International Logistics Transport Company can provide door-to-door services for different countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and so on.


Hongza International Logistics Co., Ltd. has good cooperative relationships with many foreign express delivery companies, providing safe delivery of packages to millions of customers. We have one-on-one dedicated personnel to communicate with customers about transportation services, constantly tracking the status of goods and updating them to every customer, helping them enjoy the highest quality service and ensuring that goods arrive quickly and safely. Customers are at ease, we are at ease, and we look forward to a win-win cooperation.

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