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Logistics refers to the management of the flow of products from their site of production to their final destination. Raw materials and other inputs, production, inventories, distribution, and customer service are all part of the supply chain process that a logistics shipping company often takes care of and must be appropriately managed to satisfy consumer demand.

Improving the effectiveness of a company’s supply chain through logistics may help cut expenses and boost revenues. The logistics business would collapse without the help of Logistics Service Providers. Freight forwarding, third-party logistics, and delivery services are just some of the services they offer. Now a China freight forwarder like Honza Logistics or ASB Logistics is one of the many examples of shipping services. Let’s dive deep and know more about this.


china freight forwarder

china freight forwarder

China Freight Forwarder: Our Recommendation

Below are the top freight forwarding companies in China:

  1. Honza Logistics
    Clients may make use of Honza Logistics’ full suite of services, which includes import/export customs clearance, storage, multi-modal transportation, LCL, DDU, DDP, clearing service at origin and destination, FBA, foreign warehouse service, etc. Honza’s longstanding mission has been to ensure that consumers receive their orders quickly, affordably, and on schedule. To provide the clients with first-rate, state-of-the-art logistical support and reach mutually beneficial outcomes, we established our own logistics brand from a China-based, outwardly focused, “Customer-oriented, service first” foundation.
  2. Yamato Logistics
    The Yamato Group includes this logistics shipping company. They are headquartered in Japan and boast an extensive international network. They provide customers with the most economical logistical means of shortening delivery times and cutting costs. Complete domestic and international lifestyle assistance is provided in collaboration with Yamato’s overseas affiliates.
  3. Royalogistik
    It is a premier freight forwarder with over two decades of expertise and a license from the Ministry of Communications (NVOCC). The ISO9001 Quality Management System has also validated its quality standards. Sea freight, air freight, customs clearance, trade broker, storage and distribution, cargo insurance, and so on are just some of the services they offer.


china freight forwarder

china freight forwarder

Find Your Perfect China Freight Forwarder

Though more or less all freight forwards are trustworthy, all may not fulfill your specific needs. So, look for these:

  1. Consider your requirements.
    You have to understand precisely what your business requires from a logistics shipping company before making the last choice. First and foremost, make up your mind if you need the aid of a forwarding company or if you’d rather prefer a third-party logistics company over the former.
  2. Controlling dangers
    Many different facets of the global economy impact the state of transportation. As a result, changes in shipping circumstances are common. You want a freight forwarder that knows what they’re doing and can anticipate and prepare for any problems. China freight forwarder like Honza Logistics is perfect for this.
  3. Presented Services
    Some freight forwarders provide extras like insurance, pick-up and delivery, customs clearance and inspection, packing, labeling, and storage in addition to the standard fare. You should tell the forwarder exactly what you need from their supply chain services.



While any logistics shipping company can transport just about anything, specialists in some fields excel at doing so. It’s also recommended that you be forthright about any particular requirements your goods may have. It’s crucial to hire a freight forwarder that has experience with shipping your specific commodities.

Honza International Logistics, founded in Shenzhen in 2013, is a full-service China freight forwarder company that operates internationally. They focus on providing international shipping, air shipping, courier services, and e-commerce logistics. You can contact us for your business inquiry or to even get a quote — we’ll be there to attend to all your doubts.

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