Air freight by Logistics company

Air freight by Logistics company

As we all know, there are several shipping modes in international shipping services, such as ocean freight, air freight, land freight, train freight, etc. Ocean freight usually takes a long time to deliver, especially cargo to Europe, America, and Canada. But unlike ocean freight, air freight is much faster, especially in Southeast Asian countries, which only takes hours to arrive. But sometimes, clients can not reach airlines directly, so who will connect clients and airlines? Therefore, air freight by logistics company will be a good choice.

Types of air freight

So what is air freight? Air freight is a mode of international shipping service, which ships cargo by plane. Here are some different types of air freight, international air express freight may be the most familiar mode of international transportation, it is also one mode of air freight and usually it is the fastest way, but also the most expensive one. It is usually chosen when you only have a very small quantity of goods such as one sample and document and when the receiver is in a hurry to receive the goods. 

Airport cargo freight is another type of air freight, that ships from the loading airport to the destination airport, it requires the receiver to go and pick it up from the destination airport and usually, there is a minimum order quantity for it, but international air express is door to door and without minimum quantity, for the same thing is that both of these two modes require the receiver to have Customs clearance capabilities to handle Customs events.

Logistics company

However, some clients don’t have such capabilities to handle Customs events, which relates to air DDP freight. It is door to door service and includes Customs tax and clearance. For this service, clients don’t need to handle Customs events, just waiting for their cargo delivered to their final address.

Logistic company’s air freight services 

Since there are many airlines some of them only provide fixed routes but not worldwide shipping services. Air freight by a logistics company can be a better choice when you have different countries need to deliver to. Logistics companies cooperate with many different airlines, so they can provide worldwide air freight service. They will also arrange shipment properly according to product detailed information.

Advantages of air freight by logistics company 

So why do we choose air freight by logistics company? Here are some advantages of air freight for logistics companies. At first, logistics companies can not only send by air express but also ship by airport cargo and air DDP. Secondly, compared to ocean freight, air freight is faster, and the receiver can receive the goods ASAP. Last but not least, here is no minimum quantity if u ship by international air express. But of course, it costs much more than ocean freight.


As one of the major modes of international transportation, air freight plays an important role in international shipping services. Especially air freight by a logistics company. It can meet different demands of different clients and cargo.

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