How can international freight shipping logistics companies help your international logistics projects?

International freight shipping refers to the global trade and distribution network formed under the background of globalization for international transportation and warehousing of goods, including procurement, production, warehousing, transportation, and other links, committed to improving global economic development efficiency and enterprise competitiveness.

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International freight shipping

How can international freight shipping logistics companies help your international logistics projects?

1、 One of the main tasks of international logistics in transportation services is to transport goods.

Transportation services usually include sea transport, air transport, land transportation, etc.

Ocean transport is one of the most commonly used and economical modes of transportation, especially suitable for long-distance transportation of bulk goods.

Air transport is a fast transportation method suitable for small and light goods that urgently need express delivery.

Land transportation is generally used for short-distance transportation of import and export goods, such as cross-border truck transportation.

2、 Warehousing services International freight shipping services also include warehousing services, which provide storage and safekeeping of goods.

Warehousing services can meet the storage needs of goods imported and exported, ensuring the safety and quality of goods.

Warehousing services provide various types of warehouses, such as ordinary goods warehouses, hazardous goods warehouses, etc., to meet the special requirements of different types of goods.

International freight shipping

3、 Delivery service is the process of delivering goods from the warehouse to the end user.

International freight shipping provides a global distribution network to ensure timely and safe delivery of goods.

Through reasonable route planning and transportation method selection, logistics companies can provide efficient and reliable delivery services to meet the needs of consumers.

Professional coordination and cooperation ensure that customers’ goods arrive safely and on time.


The advantages of sea transport

 1. Strong passing ability. Ocean transport can utilize natural transportation channels that are accessible in all directions. Unlike trains and cars, which are limited by tracks and roads, it has a large carrying capacity.

2. Large transportation volume. The carrying capacity of ocean transport ships is far greater than that of railway and road transport vehicles. The carrying capacity of a 10000-ton ship is generally equivalent to the carrying capacity of 250 to 300 carriages.

3. Low shipping cost. From the perspective of economies of scale, transportation costs are relatively low due to their large volume, long voyages, and lower allocation of transportation costs per ton of cargo. Although ocean transportation has the above advantages, there are also shortcomings. For example, ocean transport is greatly influenced by climate and natural conditions, making it difficult to accurately determine the sailing schedule and posing significant risks. In addition, the speed of ocean transportation is also relatively low.

With the development of international trade, more and more traders are starting to import goods from China, and more and more people are using international freight shipping, especially sea transportation!


The advantages of air logistics

(1) Fast transportation speed. The speed of air transportation is much faster than other modes of transportation, which gives it a prominent advantage in long-distance and short-term transportation.

(2) It can improve the quick response ability of shippers to the market. In today’s fiercely competitive market, the fast service of air transportation allows shippers to quickly respond based on market information, launch marketable products, and occupy the market.

(3) Simplify packaging and reduce damage to goods. The aircraft flies smoothly in the air and also has a shock absorption system during landing, so the cargo will not be affected by too much external force. Therefore, the transported cargo only needs to be simply packaged. Furthermore, air transportation is safe and accurate, with low accident rates, fewer cargo losses and discrepancies, and correspondingly lower insurance costs.

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