Operation process of FBA sea first-class transportation

1.Operation process of FBA sea first-class transportation .

With the rise and development of Amazon’s e-commerce platform in recent years, e-commerce sellers maybe need professional logistics service supplier to provide FBA first-class transportation services. Today, I would like to share with you the operating process of FBA sea first-class transportation as below:

(1) Domestic warehouse collection: the e-commerce seller of Amazon shall provide the product name, volume, weight, and zip code of Amazon warehouse to confirm with the forwarder whether the goods can be transported, as well as the freight, transit time and other information before the delivery in China. Note: Inflammable and explosive, military supplies, medical equipment, copy brands, adult goods and batteries over 100 watts generally cannot be shipped!


(2   ) Sorting and labeling: the e-commerce seller shall stick the “label” (commonly known as “veneer sheet”) according to the warehousing requirements of Amazon. Of course, the e-commerce seller can also send the goods to the warehouse of the FBA forwarder first, and then entrust the forwarder to carry out sorting and post the “warehousing label” of Amazon in the warehouse.

(3) Loading container: The forwarder will book the space with the shipping lines in advance, and usually arrange the loading 2-3 days before the customs cut-off. For example, the first-class of FBA transportation use the fast vessel to the USA is Matson from Shanghai port and ZIM from Yantian Port,Shenzhen.and the statute of limitations for sailing at sea is around 12-14 days.

(4) Export declaration: When the container is returned to the dock, the customs broker will be entrusted to make export declaration. Export declaration is divided into buy custom declaration docs and general trade declaration. When making export declaration docs, it is necessary to prepare declaration documents according to the requirements of the customs, such as:  trade contract, commercial invoice, packing list, Customs agency agreement, declaration draft (including declaration elements), special documents (exit goods customs clearance, export license, etc.).

  • Sea transport: When the goods pass the customs declaration smoothly, the shipping lines has a plan to sailing, and the container begins to sail to the port of the destination country. For example, the goods going to Amazon in the USA all is arrive at the port of Los Angeles.
  • Foreign import customs clearance & tax : When the vessel arrived at the destination port, FBA freight forwarder will entrust a professional customs clearance team to handle the import declaration and tax . In case of customs inspection, the import customs clearance company will provide necessary documents according to the requirements of the customs to cooperate with the inspection. It is suggested that the e-commerce seller must confirm with the forwarder which goods can be transported in advance, otherwise there will be the risk of being detained by the customs or fined

(7) Delivery at destination: When the goods are cleared smoothly, the FBA forwarder will pick up  the goods the overseas warehouse from the port, and then make an appointment with UPS/FEDEX to pick up the goods from the overseas warehouse and deliver them to the Amazon warehouse designated by the seller. If select the truck delivery to the Amazon warehouse, the FBA forwarder is responsible for making an appointment with the Amazon warehouse for delivery and then arranging the truck delivery to the Amazon warehouse designated by the e-commerce seller. It is recommended to use UPS /FEDEX for delivery to the warehouse if the weight of a single piece of goods is less than 21KG. For oversized goods, it is recommended to use trucks for delivery to the warehouse.

Summarize the above operation process, the step is :

1, domestic warehouse collection,

2, sorting & labeling

3, Loading container ,

4, export declaration,

5, sea transportation

6, foreign import customs clearance & tax

7, delivery at destination port

Hope the above FBA shipping operation process can help more Amazon e-commerce sellers or new e-commerce sellers to have a deeper understanding of the FBA shipping operation process. Thank you!


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