The advantages of China air freight

China air freight began in 1927. air freight is a transportation method that use airplane as a means of transportation for goods under the conditions of air routes and airports.

As the volume of international trade increases, China air freight logistics plays an important role internationally, providing efficient and stable international freight logistics services to trading partners from around the world.


The advantages of China air freight are as follows:

①.Fast speed: Air freight transports goods at the speed of airplanes, which is faster than land transportation.

②.High safety: Air freight services has higher safety than other transportation methods, as aircraft are strictly controlled and regulated during flight.

③.Wide coverage: Air freight services can cover vast and densely populated areas, such as large cities and tourist destinations.

④.Less affected by natural environment: In severe weather or traffic congestion, air transportation is less affected and can still ensure the timely arrival of goods.

In short, air freight services has become an important mode of transportation due to its advantages of speed, safety, wide coverage, low impact from natural environment, providing strong support for the rapid and efficient transportation of goods.


China air freight

Air freight services


The precautions for China air freight are:

①.It is necessary to choose a legitimate and professional logistics company for handling, which is convenient, reliable, and reassuring. If there are any problems, they can be communicated and resolved at any time

②.Air freight services is the transportation from airport to airport, that is, from local airport to destination airport. For diversified needs, such as picking up goods locally and delivering them to the consignee in the destination city, the fees are charged based on the actual situation and need to be confirmed with the logistics company in advance to avoid freight disputes.

③.Air freight services is mainly used to transport high-value goods. For high-value goods, both the inner and outer packaging of the goods are the responsibility of the shipper, especially the inner packaging. The inner packaging of precision instruments must have bubbles to prevent vibration or internal packaging that suspends the goods to avoid damage to the instruments caused by vibration. For goods that cannot be inverted and handled with care, they must be labeled on the outer packaging of the goods and labeled with “Do Not Invert” and “Handle with Care” one by one on the outer packaging of the goods.

④.Air cargo not only needs to indicate the destination city, but also the airport that needs to arrive at the destination, because more and more cities are starting to have more than two airports, but the distance between the airports is far, so as to avoid sending the wrong destination airport and making it difficult to pick up the cargo at the destination.

⑤.For large quantities of goods, it is necessary to confirm the flight space with the logistics company. Otherwise, if the flight space is not booked properly, it may cause a delay in the shipment of the goods.


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