Sea freight shipping service has many competitive advantages

What is Sea freight shipping

International sea freight shipping of goods refers to the carrier by the contract of carriage of goods by sea, with maritime vessels as the means of transport, to charge freight as a reward, the shipper’s consignment of goods by sea from one country’s port to another country’s port behavior.

Over 80% of global trade transactions are completed by sea and are growing at an average annual rate of 9%, Maritime transport service trade is centered on sea freight shipping and covers sea auxiliary services port services, and other related services to ensure the smooth progress of sea freight shipping. These sea shipping services also occupy a very important position in the sea freight shipping service trade and are an indispensable part of the maritime transport service trade.


Sea freight shipping service has many competitive advantages and some disadvantages



Large transportation capacityThe loading capacity of super giant cruise ships has reached more than 600,000 tons, and the loading capacity of the fifth-generation container ship has exceeded 5,000 TEU (TEU is a standard container, which is a statistical unit of container consumption, with a 20-foot long TEU as the standard).     

 Natural waterwayIt is not limited by roads and tracks, and has stronger passing ability, and can adjust and change the route at any time to complete the transportation task.      

 Cheap freight:The sea transport channel is naturally formed, the port facilities are generally built by the government, and the ship carries a large capacity, long usage time, long transportation mileage, and low unit shipping costs.


sea freight shipping

sea freight shipping



Low speed: Due to the large volume of large ships and high water flow resistance on the route, the speed is generally low and the transit time takes longer.

Vulnerable to climate and port restrictions: It is necessary to avoid severe weather such as storms and heavy fog promptly. After the cargo ship arrives at the port, the depth of the harbor or hardware such as loading and unloading equipment, will also have an impact on the entry and operation of cargo ships.

Service inflexibilityDue to the limitations of shipping lanes and ports, the accessibility and flexibility of sea transportation are not high and often require the cooperation of the bottom transportation system to complete the entire process of goods transportation.

With the development of global trade and e-commerce, there is a wider demand for sea freight services, which has evolved from traditional sea transportation forms such as LCL and FCL to ports and has led to sea freight-to-door services.


Sea freight shipping with a logistic company 

International logistics company plays an important role in the global logistics supply chain. They provide customers with efficient, safe, and reliable logistics solutions through global networks, diversified logistics services, advanced logistics technology, professional teams, and highly reliable logistics networks. The diversified logistics solutions provided by logistics companies enhance trade exchanges and improve trade quality. 

Sea freight shipping is a major part of a logistics company’s business. A professional logistics company is super important for customers in International trade transactions. Honza Logistics company is a comprehensive shipping company in China, we have been focused on sea freight shipping service for 12 years. we can offer a complete set of sea freight shipping service for customers, like customs clearance of import and export, warehousing, trucking,multi-modal transportation, FCL LCL, etc.” Honza” sincerely offer efficient, excellent, professional service for each customer, and have also been constantly learning and growing. We’re the most reliable sea freight shipping logistics company in China which can offer you the best logistics solutions. 

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