What you need to know about Amazon Global Shipping

If you are an e-commerce seller or have just started to consider entering the cross-border e-commerce industry, you will definitely hear the terms Amazon FBA agency,Amazon global shipping or fba international logistics. This article will introduce the concept of Amazon FBA agency in detail. You can choose Honza Logistics as your fba international freight forwarder to achieve success in cross-border e-commerce operations.


What is is the Amazon global shipping?

Amazon FBA agency refers to the logistics method of shipping from abroad to Amazon warehouse. By choosing the appropriate fba international freight forwarder, you can use amazon global shipping from any country or region in the world to achieve global sales. For sellers, choosing a reliable FBA international freight forwarder is one of the important guarantees for the success of cross-border e-commerce.

1. Price: Price is one of the most important factors when choosing Amazon FBA agency. Different fba international freight forwarders may have different prices. Choose a freight forwarder with a reasonable price. At the same time, beware of too low quotations, which may have hidden fees. It is necessary to carefully analyze the freight forwarder’s quotation details and settlement methods to ensure that there are no unexpected expenses due to factors such as final taxes, duties, and customs fees.

2. Timeliness of express delivery:When choosing Amazon FBA agency, different express delivery methods will affect the transportation timeliness. You need to choose a suitable express delivery method based on actual needs, and also ask clearly about the freight forwarder’s delivery commitment and return and exchange policy. For e-commerce platforms like Amazon that have strict time limits, timeliness is very important, so choosing a timely and reliable freight forwarder is essential.

3.Quality assurance: Freight forwarders not only need to deliver goods on time and in quantity, but also need to provide quality assurance. Sellers need to track and monitor the status and whereabouts of goods at any time during Amazon global shipping to ensure that the goods arrive at the Amazon warehouse safely and to minimize the risk of damage to the goods. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to aspects such as logistics monitoring, packaging and security measures of freight forwarders.


Amazon Global Shipping

Amazon Global Shipping


What are the precautions for Amazon FBA agency?

In addition to choosing a suitable fba international freight forwarder, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid relying on a single freight forwarder
Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Choose multiple freight forwarders to cooperate at the same time to reduce the risks of a single freight forwarder. At the same time, competition among multiple freight forwarders can also promote the improvement of freight forwarding service quality.

2. Avoid using false certificates
In order to reduce costs and increase profits, some freight forwarders may use fake certificates, such as fake health certificates, quality inspection certificates, etc., to defraud business. Sellers need to be wary of such freight forwarders and strictly follow international trade regulations and legal procedures.

3. Pay attention to quality control
Before the goods are shipped, the seller needs to conduct quality control and carry out necessary packaging of the goods. At the same time, sellers also need to pay attention to the packaging requirements of the freight forwarder to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation. Sellers can communicate with the freight forwarder for packaging, or choose their transportation for amazon global shipping.



Choosing a reliable fba international freight forwarder is one of the important guarantees for success. Therefore, sellers need to carefully study and compare the advantages and disadvantages of various freight forwarders to choose the freight forwarder that suits them. During the transportation process, sellers need to closely track and monitor the condition of the goods to ensure that the goods arrive at Amazon warehouses safely and achieve good sales performance globally.

Choosing a reliable amazon global shipping logistics company for shipment can make subsequent transportation more efficient. Honza Logistics, an international logistics company with 13 years of experience, helps cross-border sellers choose high-quality dedicated lines and provides free insurance protection services!

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