Full container services for international logistics companies

International Logistics Companies

Honza Logistics is a freight forwarding company mainly engaged in international logistics services, mainly engaged in sea freight, air freight, customs declaration, trade agency, warehousing, and other related services. It plays a crucial role in international trade and is a necessary link in the flow of goods. They sign agency agreements with airlines and shipping companies to control their booking and stowage rights.

The main service targets of international logistics companies are trading companies, production factories, and individuals. The main functions of international logistics companies are factory pickup, booking, customs clearance, warehousing, domestic logistics, packaging, etc.


Characteristics of International Logistics

1) International logistics is more complex: there are differences in the logistics environment, and different countries with different levels of economic and technological development will result in international logistics being supported by different technological conditions, forcing inconsistencies in the overall level of the international logistics system. The transportation of international logistics in different legal, cultural, customary, linguistic, technological, and facility environments can make transportation arrangements by transportation companies limited.


logistics companies

logistics companies


2) High risk: ① Damaged or lost goods; ② Domestic and foreign customs inspection; ③ Customs clearance issues. Therefore, apart from uncontrollable factors such as weather, international logistics companies play a crucial role in the transportation of international logistics, solving many difficult problems for customers and ensuring the safe transportation of goods to their hands.

3) Diversity of transportation methods: According to the terrain and transportation modes of different countries, common transportation methods include sea freight, air freight, express delivery, railway, multimodal transportation, etc

4) High requirements for information systems: International logistics companies, must have a comprehensive information system to track the logistics trajectory of goods anytime and anywhere, and communicate with agents from various countries about the situation of goods.


Full container services for international logistics companies

FCL is the acronym for “Full Container Load”, commonly known as “full container” or “full container cargo”. FCL container cargo, as opposed to LCL container cargo, refers to a large shipment of goods that can fill one or more containers. In maritime container transportation, the most common container specifications are 20GP (commonly known as a 20-foot container), 40GP (commonly known as a 40-foot container), and 40HQ (commonly known as a 40-foot high container). A 20GP can hold approximately 28 cubic meters (CBM) of goods, a 40GP can hold approximately 56 cubic meters of goods, and a 40HQ can hold approximately 68 cubic meters of goods.

LCL container goods are packed and unpacked by LCL companies (freight forwarders). FCL container goods are different. Generally, the shipper is responsible for packing and sealing the FCL container goods, while the consignee is responsible for unpacking and unloading. But the shipper can also simply deliver the goods to the container yard and entrust a freight forwarder or professional packing company to pack them, which is commonly known as “internal loading”. The operation method for FCL container cargo is: a shipment of goods from one shipper, due to the large volume, is more cost-effective to ship as a full container. The shipper directly orders and consigns the cargo to the shipping company, or the shipper entrusts a freight forwarder to book and consign the cargo to the shipping company. Among them, it is extremely rare for the cargo owner to directly book space with the shipping company, and most of them book space with the shipping company through the freight forwarder.


Honza International Logistics Co., Ltd. has 10 years of transportation experience and is an international freight company with core competitiveness such as Australia’s Double Clear Special Line and Southeast Asia’s Double Clear Special Line. Specific business: warehouse cargo collection, global import and export transportation, sea freight double clearance door-to-door, air freight double clearance door-to-door, FBA Amazon, trade goods transportation, container purchase, various transportation certificate processing, etc. For more details, please feel free to consult, and a dedicated person will serve you one-on-one.

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