Why do you need choose aviation cargo ?

What is aviation cargo?

Aviation cargo is any property carried or to be carried in an aircraft,it comprises air freight, air express and airmail ,places an important component of modern air logistics and air freight business.it is an indispensable means of transporting valuable items, fresh goods, and precision instruments in international trade. With the development of global trade, people’s demand for high value and time sensitive products such as electronics and pharmaceuticals has increased, and avaiation cargo has maintained a sustained growth trend recent years.


What are the advantages of aviation cargo ?

Aviation cargo provides safe, fast, convenient, and high-quality services. With its speed, safety, and punctuality, it has won a large market share.

Fast: For customers with high cargo value and transportation time requirements,Aviation cargo the preferred choice .”Time is money”, Fast delivery brings more benefits to customers.

Comprehensive and Safe: Aviation cargo can transport the vast majority of goods, such as electronics, fresh food,machine etcs . In addition ,For specific cargo attributes, avaiation cargo is the only and best choice.All aviation cargo have tracking rajectories,can be safely to customer’s hand.

Covenient and high-quality: There is no cargo weight limit for aviation cargo,like air Express with a minimum charge of 0.5kg. It is very convenient and efficient for small weight cargo, and it can be directly transported to the door. Besides ,air cargo service also can to Airport ,which can match customer’s demand.


Aviation cargo

Aviation cargo


China aviation cargo and China air cargo tracking

With the development of the the “Belt and Road”, Many countries have signed trade agreements with China,Nowadays, economic exchange between wold wide  and China is becoming more and more frequent .Aviation cargo amount to various parts of the world has been keeping increasing .We have a complete aviation service system,there is China air cargo tracking since we got the goods from supplier until customer’s hand.Different aviation cargo service can be provided different China air cargo tracking ways.


Why Choose Honza International Logistics Co.,Ltd?

As a top logistics company ,Honza International Logistics Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive international logistcsenterprice that specializes international avaition cargo,sea cargo ,management business ,we can offer a complete set of sevrices for clients ,such as cusoms cearance of import and export . insurance ,warehousing ,Multimodal transportation ,LCL etcs . We have been providing aviation cargo for 13 years,we have offer cargo high-efficient ,execllent and prefessional service for each customer.We can ship from all main airport and cities in China .after we receiving your goods ,we can provide China air cargoe tracking to customers which can   track the status of goods throughout the entire process .

“Top service ,Win-win with our clients !” is Honza targets ,Wish we can group with customers.

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