The Importance of International Cargo Services

The Importance of International Cargo Services

First, let us know briefly what exactly we mean by “International Cargo Services”. It is a way of moving things through the air, to put it simply. In the industry, it is commonly known as air freight services or air cargo shipping.

When it comes to international air freight, Honza International Logistics provides its global clientele with expert, competent, and cost-effective International Cargo Solutions. The organizations that offer these will normally have staff standing by to help you figure out what kind of freight forwarding services would work best for you. You have more leeway and more alternatives than ever before thanks to the international cargo services.


international cargo services

air cargo shipping

Chinese services can practically forward freight between any two sites in the world because of their extensive network of partnerships both domestically and internationally. Honza Logistics is also included in this group.


Benefits of Air Cargo Shipping

Now that you are familiar with the service, let’s know why people prefer Air Cargo Shipping more nowadays. Below are some of its most common reasons:

  • The Fastest Way To Transport

The most notable benefit of air cargo shipping is the rapidity with which packages may be delivered. Through South Florida, the Crowley program’s ocean-to-air service transports perishable goods from Central America to Asia and Europe. Air-only or ocean-to-air service may be the greatest alternative for shippers with time-sensitive cargo, such as perishables.

  • Safe & Sound Shipping

Do you worry about your possessions being broken into or stolen? The safety of air cargo shipping is paramount because of the prevalence of high-value goods. Air transportation, on the other side, is also one of the most secure options since the cargo seldom leaves the plane. Most products are passed by the airport’s safety inspections and warehouses within a few hours. The potential for destruction and theft are both diminished.

  • Easy Packaging

Do you wish to stay away from wasting money? Then, international cargo services are perfect for you. As opposed to ocean freight, air cargo requires less packing due to the lightweight nature of the commodities used for transport. The time and money you save on packaging materials and containers, not to mention the positive effects on the planet, are substantial.

  • Less Storage Requirement

Because air cargo shipping moves items more quickly than other methods, there is less need for storage facilities. Customs inspectors can assess products and give their approval for shipment in a fraction of the time that it would take using alternative delivery methods because of the expedited clearance procedures that they use. Compared to carrying goods by sea or by land, international cargo services are less labour-intensive.



Like any other means of transportation, air cargo shipping has benefits and also a few drawbacks. This is your greatest option if you need to receive or send anything right away. Furthermore, air transportation is the safest method for moving precious and perishable goods.

Honza International Logistics is one of the leading international cargo services in China. Our international freight is transported through a range of means from China to other parts of the globe. From the warehouse to the airport, we offer a single-stop service point. We have many air cargo flights, quick turnaround times, and affordable service costs.

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