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From helping customers with pricing to booking space and shipping, from customs clearance before shipment to goods arriving at the customer’s designated address, tracking every operational step, and from every reminder and suggestion, Honza Freight Company is providing professional international freight transportation services for our customers.


What is Global logistics service?

Global logistics services refer to freight services where supply and demand points are located in different countries (regions). It is a cross-border freight activity, and the main functions of international freight include pick-up, booking, customs clearance, warehousing, domestic freight, packaging, delivery, and other services.

How to choose professional global logistics services?

1:Choose professional global logistics services based on your own cargo information and needs:

When choosing global logistics services, you need to consider the following factors: weight, volume, value, transportation time, destination, transportation method, etc. of the goods. You can choose appropriate global logistics services based on these factors. For example, if your goods weigh heavily, you can choose sea freight; If your goods have a high value, you can choose insurance services; If your goods need to arrive at the destination quickly, you can choose air freight or express.


global logistics service

global logistics service


2:Precautions for choosing professional global logistics services:

Principle 1: Good security and strong traceability. Try to keep clients informed of the status of the items being shipped at any time.

Principle 2: Good timeliness and strong customs clearance ability. The goods need to be delivered within the expected delivery time of the customer. Professional national freight service providers have rich experience in customs clearance, and customs clearance ability is crucial because once the goods are detained by customs, the entire batch of goods will be lost without the opportunity to appeal.

Principle 3: Good service and high cost-effectiveness. To ensure that the first and second principles are not violated, a more cost-effective freight method should be comprehensively considered based on the characteristics of the products purchased by the customer (size, safety, shelf life, customs clearance convenience, etc.)


Honza International Logistics Company provides professional global logistics services to Southeast Asia.

With the friendly cooperation between China and Southeast Asian countries, trade exchanges between China and Southeast Asia have become increasingly close, and many clients in Southeast Asia import products from China to their countries.

  • Southeast Asian warehousing advantages:

We have multiple warehouses and reliable local professional partners in Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Let our customers experience a more cost-effective, time-saving, and better service freight approach.

  • Independent freight information system:

Real-time synchronization of order status has been achieved, allowing our customers to independently query orders and track freight. Our service personnel will also provide real-time feedback on the freight tracking status to customers, greatly helping them to synchronously understand the transportation status of goods.

  • Southeast Asia DDP service: (paid after tax)

Provide door-to-door service for Southeast Asian customers. After placing an order on the Chinese app, customers only need to provide us with goods information. We can help customers clear customs, pay taxes, and transport them to their designated addresses. Foreign customers only need to receive goods at home, making it easy to achieve cross-border shopping.

  • Southeast Asia FCL and LCL Services:

Our company can collect goods from multiple ports in China, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, and Qingdao, and help customers transport them to designated ports or addresses in Southeast Asia.



Honza always upholds the business concept of” client-oriented, service foremost”, and sincerely offers high-efficient, excellent, and professional service for each customer. Our company has 10 years of professional transportation experience to Southeast Asian countries, strong customs clearance capabilities, competitive prices, and professional services. We are a professional global logistics service provider for Southeast Asian customers.

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