Why choose ocean freight services

With the development of import and export industry, international freight service plays an important role in it,which includes ocean freight services and air shipping service. But why choose ocean freight service ?

What is ocean freight service?

Ocean freight is one of the international shipping methods, which can ship large quantities of goods and usually for huge machinery and equipment, usually by sea and packed in shipping containers. It is mainly of FCL &LCL sea shipping .Ocean freight service is generally more cost-effective than air freight service, but it is also slower and more prone to longer delays.


FCL&LCL ocean freight service

FCL, full name is “full container load”, which does not mean that the shipment fills an entire container, but rather mean it is a shipment mode, whereby only one shipment, or one seller’s shipment is included in a container.

There are several benefits to using the FCL shipping mode . One of these benefits is a reduced risk of damage or loss because sealing containers at the factory; it don’t need to be loaded and unloaded together with other shipments, which saves transit time;also, for larger shipments, paying the FCL flat fee saves money.


ocean freight services


LCL,full name is “less than container load”, it is used when a single shipper’s goods do not completely fill an entire container. When this happens, in order to fill an entire container, shipments will grouped with other cargo.

When you ship LCL, you pay only for the volume you need, if u have spare time to wait for your shipment, LCL is cheaper than air shipping, you can lower shipping costs; when there is less containers available during peak shipping season or during other periods of high shipping volume, LCL can be easier to find and faster.


Development of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia itself has a large demographic dividend, as well as the rising economy, high investment in the digital economy, and the comprehensive popularization of mobile devices, all of which have built a huge market volume foundation for cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia. In recent years, Chinese people have also had close business contacts in Southeast Asian countries. Domestic Internet giants, such as Alibaba, Tencent, and JD.com, have already established their presence in the Southeast Asian market. Ocean freight service is particularly important in Southeast Asia’s import and export trade.


 Ocean freight service of Honza Logistics

Honza International Logistics Co.,Ltd, professional international shipping company with more than 10years experience in international sea freight, air freight, Express and cross-border e-commerce logistics services. It can provide both FCL and LCL ocean freight services and it have cooperative agents in Southeast Asian countries,which can meet the needs of the Southeast Asian market.


ocean freight services



Ocean freight service can meet large quantities shipping needs to Southeast Asian countries .It can save cost for shippers but need to wait more time than air shipping , if you are not expect to receive goods in hurry and do not have enough budget, ocean freight can be the best choice .

Honza can provide comprehensive services to Southeast Asian Countries .With more than 10 years experiences in international shipping services and professional operators, it would be a good choice for you!

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