The operation process of FBA airfreight headway transportation

   In recent years, With the rise and development of Amazon’s e-commerce platform business. In addition to using sea head transportation to Amazon warehouse, E-commerce sellers will also like air head transport to Amazon’s warehouse.I will share the operation process of FBA head transportation here :


Domestic air freight warehouse collection: Amazon’s e-commerce sellers need to confirm with the freight forwarder the flight, price, timeliness and other information before delivery.

In order to avoid the risk that some sensitive goods are prohibited by airlines or cannot be cleared at the destination airport ,Product’s name, volume, weight and Amazon warehouse zip code are required to be provided to confirm with freight forwarder.E-commerce sellers must affix the warehouse label in accordance with Amazon’s regulations before delivery.

Air loading&export declaration:When the goods of the e-commerce seller are delivered to the designated warehouse of the freight forwarder, the freight forwarder arranges sorting, packing, labeling and then sends them to the air cargo terminal at the departure airport for loading, and at the same time entrusts the export declaration company to make export declaration.

Air transportation: Once cargo is declared and released, the airline will notify the air cargo terminal  to load the cargo into the cabin after obtaining the customs clearance form, and wait for the flight to be transported to foreign countries after departure. For example, For the air head transportation to USA Amazon usually takes off from Hong Kong, or from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other airports in China to Los Angeles Airport in the United States. Of course, during this period, if there is weather or air traffic control, there will be flight delays.


Foreign customs clearance: After the air arrives at the airport of the destination country, a professional customs clearance company is responsible for arranging the import declaration&tax payment. The customs staff will check the goods to see if the declaration information of the goods is consistent with the goods. After the inspection, if there is no problem, the goods can be cleared and released.

Terminal delivery: After the customs checks that the goods are released, the terminal delivery service will arrange to pick up the goods and deliver them to the Amazon warehouse corresponding to the e-commerce seller, and the whole FBA head transportation process will end. Usually, the terminal delivery service of air dispatching is handed over to UPS/FEDEX.


I hope that the above shared FBA head transportation operation process can help more Amazon e-commerce sellers or novice e-commerce sellers to understand more deeply, thank you!





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